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For many years cocaine, coffee, cartels and civil war is all a lot of foreigners used to know of Colombia. Today however, travelers are raving about the beaches, the transforming cities, the boom of creativity and the warm welcome received from people proud to show off what was hidden away for so long. 

From a country that was in headlines for all the wrong reasons only a decade ago, Colombia has quickly surpassed being the secret, word-of-mouth destination of those visiting South America, to becoming one of its star attractions: Picture postcard Caribbean beaches, hanging out the back of a 4×4 driving through rugged and wild desert, discovering the story of one of the most innovative cities in the world, sipping coffee which you’ve just picked and brewed by hand, kicking back in a sun-kissed plaza with cowboys sharing tales over a bottle of liquor.

In Colombia, every traveller will be able to enter into another world. Colour, music and chatter will follow you everywhere and the country will reach deep into your soul and paint it red, yellow and blue. Therefore we have decided to celebrate our wedding here to show our family and friends this beautiful country we are proud to call our home.

We know that it is a difficult time for making any decisions for traveling. As we are living in Germany and Colombia and been traveling during COVID regularly, we are familiar with all the processes in both countries. We will provide you as much information as necessary so that you can feel secure in your decision making. We are optimistic that by December 2021 the vaccine will have proceed in all countries and we can have an easy going lovely celebration. 

UPDATE 15/08/2021: The wedding is confirmed! With the RSVP we kindly ask if you are joining our wedding celebration

Just because times are difficult and there might be a higher force, we suggest to make sure, that you always have the ability to cancel and get a refund with your bookings. Most airlines and hotels have adapted to the situation. 

For entering Colombia, there are no restrictions for foreigners at the moment (except certain countries, that are not allowed due to mutations). For fully vaccinated people there is no need to take a PCR Test. All other need to do a PCR (no Antigen) either 96 hours before you arrive in Medellin or right after your arrival here in Medellin to avoid 14 days of quarantine. All travelers need to sign up a digital arrival form, the language for the form can be changed on left upper corner.  

We will keep you updated on any news here. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions. 




Madrid - Medellin


Amsterdam - Cartagena / Bogota


Frankfurt / Munich - Bogota

We have taken all three airlines already and can recommend all of them. The benefit of Air Europa is the direct flight to Medellin. Nevertheless, Lufthansa and KLM are the most comfortable ones when it comes to service. Check all airlines for the best and most convenient connection from your home airport. 

Transportation from Medellin Airport to your hotel or apartment in Medellin takes about 30 minutes and costs around 80.000 Pesos. You can take one of the registered airport taxis or preorder your pickup. We can provide contacts for private drivers, that can also get you around Meddelin.  The airport is located in Rionegro, not far from Hacienda Fizebad.

If you choose to stay a night at the airport, we recommend the Movich Hotel Las Lomas  or El Campestre


Keep in mind that Colombia is a country with a beautiful countryside and tons of mountains and jungles. The roads are not as convenient as in Europe and due to mountains, 100 km in Colombia take up to 3 hours. Thats why we recommend to always take a plane to get from A to B.  Small towns (pueblos) around a big city can be reached via car. But Cartagena, Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Santa Marta are best reached by plane. 

We don’t recommend renting a car, the traffic is crazy and for the sort distances you can easily get  a private driver.  


Colombia is one of the hottest up-and-coming travel destinations in the world, and millions of people are desperate to discover what the country has to offer, including biodiversity, friendly people and great food. We have set up a list of things to do and especially where to stay in Colombia to make your time unforgettable. Please keep in mind that December and January are high season in Colombia due to holidays but also the best weather conditions. Make your reservations as soon as possible and be aware that tourist attractions might be crowded but not less enjoyable to get the real Colombian way of life. It is a once in a lifetime experience. We promise the only risk is wanting to stay!

For your own safety: Colombia has suffered a very bad reputation in the past and has definitely become a better place and a jewel for international tourism. Nevertheless, it still remains an Latin-American country and there is still crime. Make sure that you “no dar papaya” which means that don’t put yourself in a position where someone can take advantage of you.


  • Just walk outside in areas that are touristic and avoid lonely places even during daytime
  • At nighttime always take a taxi. Avoid grabbing one on the street, preorder it (App, Restaurant, Hotel) 
  • Keep an eye on your drink. People get drugged and robbed especially in clubs / bars in touristic areas
  • Just carry what you don’t mind to give away. Leave the expensive jewelry and accessories at home and never fight for the things they want to take from you. People are armed and will use it
  • Don’t show up as the rich tourist, keep low profile

If you follow those rules, you are on the safe side. Nothing has ever happened to Esteban or me yet. 

Last but not least: THINGS A TOURIST SHOULD NEVER DO in Colombia:

  • Refuse a shot of the national liquor Aguardiente. When a friendly Colombian offers you a shot of the local spirit, just say yes. It’s not really seen as drinking in Colombia – think of it more as a gesture of friendship and unity. But be aware, Aguardiente hangover is the worst hangover!
  • Say you can’t dance! Colombians love dancing. Don’t turn down a polite invitation to join someone in a dance, so forget those nerves and embarrassment, get on the dance floor and shake your legs. FYI, Colombians dance close, and even strangers dance with each other. So when that beautiful man or woman is pressed against you in a salsa clinch, it doesn’t mean they are flirting! And if your new squeeze is twirling around the dance floor with someone else, it’s no reason to get jealous. Colombia, at heart, is still a conservative, Catholic country, so be warned – jumping to the wrong conclusions can cause deep offence.
  • Worry about time! This is, with the greatest will in the world, not the most punctual of countries. Colombian time can be quite a lot more elastic than the kind of punctuality many tourists are used to, so adjust your watches to local time, chill a little and don’t be surprised if your 8am pickup arrives closer to 8.30am. Yes, it can be frustrating if you let it get to you, but the sooner you relax, the more fun you’ll have, particularly if you’re here on vacation. Except for our wedding: German time please!
  • Assume that yes means yes when asking for directions! Colombians don’t like to disappoint, even when it comes to giving directions. That’s why when you ask, “Is this the right way to such and such a place?” the response will usually be “Yes” – even if it’s not the right answer. It’s better to ask, “Which way should I go?” And still, for not disappointing they might send you a wrong way. 



Medellin is one of the most innovative cities in the world and encapsulates just how quickly Colombia is changing. It is also the city of eternal spring and the place we call our home. You will find temperatures between 17 degrees at night an 27 degrees during the day all year. The energy of the city is special. You need to spend some time here before or after the wedding. If you look for a place make sure it is in El Poblado, the hot spot in Medellin. 

More Info on what to do in Medellin.


Click Clack Hotel:

Park 10:

23 Hotel: 

Celestino Hotel:

Dann Carlton:


El Cielo Hotel:

Airbnb and Housyhost for Appartments 


Cabify, Taxi
Personal driver (we can provide contacts)


Area “Provenza” for Restaurants and Shopping
Parque Arvi Cable Car 
Museum of Antioquia
Graffiti Tour Comuna 13
Walking tour in El Centro 
Tour Silletero Santa Elena

Malls: Santa Fé, El Tesoro, Oviedo 


El Cielo Restaurant:

OCI Medellin:



Egeo at Click Clack Hotel:

Andres Carne de Res:



Guatape is the place to be close to Medellin to chill and enjoy time near the water. It is our little “coast” hideaway and perfect to escape the city for a few days. Definitely a must. We will spend a few days before the wedding in Luxe by Charlee and you are more than welcome to join us. 

Read more about Guatape


Piedra del Peñol
Water sports (boats, jetski, wakeboard)
Helicopter rides
Colorful colonial city town


We can provide you a personal driver to get to Guatape. It is  80 km away from Medellin, and takes about 2 hours to get there by car. 


Luxe by the Charlee: 

Bosko (glamping): 


Atma Hotel:

rio claro


Rio Claro is a natural reserve with stunning rivers, waterfalls, fauna and flora. Doradal is said to be the Santorini, Greece of Colombia with a beautiful little city town. Hacienda Napoles is Colombias Disneyland. 

Read more about Rio Claro and Hacienda Napoles.


Hotel El Rio:
Hacienda Napoles Resorts:
Aldea Doradal:


Rio Encantado/ Rio Claro Natural Reserve 
Water Sports
Hacienda Napoles Amusement Park for Kids
Doradal (little Santorini)


We can provide you a personal driver to get to Rio Claro. It is about 170 km away from Medellin, and it takes about 4 hours to get there by car. 



Cartagena is the Miami of Colombia. You will find excellent hotels and restaurants and have beautiful beaches to spend time by the ocean. The old historical district is highly recommend. Trips to Isla Baru and Isla Rosario are beautiful. 

Read more about Cartagena.


Islas Baru
Ciudad Amurallada
Monumento a la India Catalina
Puerto Velero
Playas and Islas del Rosario



See National Flights 



De Cameron Baru
Town House Cartagena:
Casa San Agustin:

Sofitel Legend Santa Clara
Casona del Colegio




Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park at the Caribbean coast of Colombia is one of the most beautiful places to see in Colombia. It has pristine nature, diverse flora and fauna, sandy beaches, hiking trails in the jungle, rough waves, tall coconut palms, and sun that shines all day long.

Read more about Palomino,  Santa Marta and Tayrona National Park


Gitanal del Mar:
Cayena Beach Villa:



Parque Tayrona
Water Sports (Sailing)
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


See National Flights

Daytrips to Tayrona (1 hour from Santa Marta) the hotel will provide you a private transport. 

Between Cartagena and Santa Marta (240km, 4 hours) we recommend taking a private driver.  




Bogota is the capital and the most cosmopolitan city of Colombia. The rest of Colombia calls Bogota “la nevera” which means “the fridge” as the city is always rainy and cold due to its altitude of 2.640m above sea level. Keep in mind if you feel dizzy this might be caused by altitude sickness (low oxygen pressure).

Bogota is a vibrant, lively city with lots of museums, art and history, exciting food scene and wild nightlife. We don’t recommend staying too long unless you love the hustle and traffic of a 10 million people city. But for a one or two day layover it is perfect. You won’t get the laid back latin culture here but Bogota has excellent restaurants and high class hotels to offer which makes you feel you are in Europe. 

Read more about Bogota


Museo del Oro
Usaquén Market 
Museo de Botero
La Candelaria   
Plaza Bolivar
Santuario Nuestra Señora del Carmen

TRANSPORT to bogota

See National Flights

In Bogota, see Medellin


Bogota has tons of high class hotels but also lovely boutique places. Make sure you stay in these areas:

Zona T
Zona G / Parque de la 93

Some recommendations: 

Click Clack Hotel: (Zona G / 93)

W Hotel: (Usaquén)

Four Seasons Casa Medina: (Chapinero)


Caribbean Coast

We hope to be blessed with your company for our celebration. Join us in this important event of our lives. 

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